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Take your career to the next level with CE classes, adult education, and exam prep courses for life and health from AA Frazier & Associates - The Frazier Institute in Ellicott City, Maryland.

Winter/ Spring scheduling starts in January and runs through May. Sign up for classes and pick your own schedule.

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Continue your education by coming to our Institute. Whether you’d like one-on-one help in the classroom, or online assistance whenever you are available, we have the perfect classes for you. Our products are designed to provide a logical and well-planned approach to the study process. Take your career to the next level with adult education & CE classes on insurance, life and health, & healthcare in Maryland.

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Since 1989, our Institute has provided individuals with the opportunity to achieve their goals through education. We always make sure we hire knowledgeable instructors and private tutors who will help each student pass their exams. Give us a call today to learn how you can enroll in our courses.

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